Merry Xmas! New update will be released on december 15 !

Welcome Racers!

I’m glad to announce  a new update on  dec. 15 !


Yes, SIM is back!

  • You can create your own room with simulation handling for any gamemodes!
  • Sim roomaster card enables simulation physics  and damage in your room and disables all chip tunings and arcade nitro refill!
  • SIM will be available in events and practice!
  • If you didn’t completed the license test yet now you have to try it for SIM card!
  • We will give you SIM card freely as the part of Xmas event!
  • The SIM card will be available for RP/CP too with low prize!


Additional contents:

  • Stage 5 upgrade almost for all cars!
  • -Santa tracks are enabled for Xmas!
  • -New WGT race car will be available! Nissan R35 WGT4 !


This car will be available in shop as all other WGT cars during the Xmas sales event until jan. 5 !


Merry Xmas for everyone and Happy New Year!




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